Alex in Vallandry 2009

Before the tan!

As a Director of World Class Skiing I thoroughly enjoy my life, meeting people, skiing with people and helping them improve. To see someone ‘s face after a great run is enough to keep me happy.

Skiing a mountain and have the sun shining is just the best feeling,

making some turns, balancing against natures forces makes you feel alive.

Today as I write this blog I am getting ready to go to France where I will be working with my good friend John Thomas in his Ski School in Vallandry, near Les Arcs. Great skiing and a very friendly resort. Two weeks there and then off to run a ski instructors course for a week. Then home for 5 days to get my thoughts together before I head off out again on a long stint in the Alps. Skiing in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Looks like an exciting winter!

Will miss my family, that’s the drawback sadly. Still, needs must, as my son is growing and eating us out of house and home so to keep the cereal on the breakfast table I need to keep ski teaching!

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