Ski Boot heater kit

‘Hotronic’ ski boot heaters do keep your feet warm. Well they actually keep a baseline temperature under your toes more to the point!.

If like me, you tend not to read the instructions until after you have put the ‘thing’ together, then you will know that sometimes this method does not actually work!

So, I figured that I needed to get this installation of the Hotronic boot heaters right. After reading  the general fitting ideas I went about ‘butchering’ a new pair of Conformable insoles to accommodate the heat pad supplied.  I think that I have installed the heat pad a little too far back on the insole. The instructions state that they should be just under the toes, I have them just slightly back and this does not work very well. I am now sorting that issue out ,so I will know better after I have ‘hacked’ them about a bit!

The instructions also say that the heaters are best when the boots, and your feet, are at a warm temperature before you go out and turn the heaters on. This is absolutely right! get the boots cosy and warm first and then turn the heaters on when all is warm. You will find that the heaters will work more effectively.

I do not know why I have never had these before, over 30 years of ski teaching and I have waited till now? I must have been mad!

If anyone reading this has any comments on other models and any adjustments they have made to their own, then let me know.

I will be getting this product up onto the WCS web site soon, but of course, there are many places you can get these on the web.

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