Head Super Shape Magnum skis. 2011

Head have introduced an electrical dampening system into the skis for 2011, ‘KERS’  Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Umm, K2 did this in the mid 90’s with their ‘PIZIEO’ technology on the K2 FOUR and other model carve skis,   I must say that I recon it worked, much to my colleagues who thought that as I was sponsored by them at the time I would say that!  The system works by exchanging vibration into energy which produces electrical impulses, thus transforming vibration into energy which is dissapated either into the ski or by turning a light on! Imagine, if we all skied on these, we could boil a kettle and save the planet!

Head have taken that technology further and with new advancements in this field will be even more effective now.  I ski on a pair of this years HEAD SUPER SHAPE MAGNUMS and I find them just fantastic. I ski all day everyday, teaching and enjoying some work with training ski teachers and the skis do it all effortlessly. Geat for short radius with a real ‘kick’ at the end of the turn, yet also very stable at high speeds in longer radius.  As well as my HEADS, I have two pairs of  White Dot freeride skis and they too are tremendous in variable conditions.

The Magnums grip so well on hard pack and are very forgiving on the ‘off piste’  A truly versitile ski. New for HEAD next year also will be the SUPERSHAPE TITAN skis.  Possibly a stable mate of the MAGNUMS. Not sure which I will use next year?

To order for next year or find out where to get some. email info@worldclasssking.net

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  1. saw the new line up at slide, this years magnums joy to ski next years sound even better. cant wait to get my hands on demo world cup sl and gs models to compare the kers with my non kers models.

  2. Haven’t Head being doing this for ages? I remember standing in a shop in 2000 seeing it in action – this is by no way a new thing for 2011. it might be new in the Magnums, but it’s nothing new to Head.

    • Hi there,
      yes your are right, they did have the technology but not in the Magnums.
      This is slightly different however. The technology has been used in the skis since 2000 but in a completely different way ie for torsional tuning to keep consistant edge grip over varied terrain.

      KERS uses the same fibres but work on longitudinal flex of the ski and BEHIND the boot, not in front.

      Also there is the addition of the sensor that decides when to release the stored charge, hence KERS.
      Thank you for your comments.
      Happy skiing!

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