The Volcano disruption has not deterred skiers from getting to Hintertux!

It just goes to show, that if you are determined enough you will always get through. Here in Hintertux B.A.S.I. have over 500 candidates attending courses over 3 weeks.  To co ordinate the trainers required and the people attending each course and getting skiers who attended last week’s course home, has been a monster task!  After all the confusion eventually ALL the course members arrived,  for some just 2 days late.  Pretty good considering the circumstances don’t you think?!. 

Les Ward, Trainer support, has been busy coordinating course times and candidates, if ever BASI needed trainer support it has been on this course! Recon we would have all been lost without Les! Diane Wilde back in the BASI office has also been frantically organising stuff from the UK. sometimes well into the early hours.. Whoever said their job was easy…maybe on a sunny day on a fantastic piste with great clients..But Volcano disruption.. There’s another thing..

The BASI van has done a fantastic job. It left last Saturday night with 4 trainers onboard, bound for London where it would drop those 4 off and pick up 3 more and simply turn around and drive back here, making a 1400 miles round trip in 2 days!

Red Point,  http://www.redpoint.co.uk/ the adventure travel company based here in the Ziller valley, have pulled all the stops out to get candidates home as efficiently as possible. Greg, a co-owner of Red Point, drove several people home in the company mini bus.  Now that is service! There are some skiers still stranded here so an extra 4 days skiing was a bonus for them.

As for me, I was supposed to go home last week but have stayed as trainer support. It has been an interesting and eye opening week, the only opportunity for me to see all the groups of different levels working.

Tomorrow…..a visit from the I.S.I.A. (International Ski Instructors Association)  Will let you know what happens…..


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