ISIA is an International association governing the standards of ski teachers worldwide.

To maintain the high standards of the BASI system and our membership of the ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association) we present our methods and our delivery of the course content, along with of course, the standard of ski performer we accept as being the right standard of membership of ISIA.

Les Ward and myself accompanied our visitors during the day and ensured that they had a clear understanding of our individual course criteria’s.  Andrew Lockerbie, BASI’s Chairman and acting CEO, was at hand to introduce various trainers and their roles within our association. Andrew regularly attends ISIA meetings and is familiar with the president and other directors of the ISIA.

Our visit (seen in the picture above) was from the President, Reit Campell also the Director of Swiss Snowsports,  Hugo Reider (Italy) ISIA legal representative, Jan Kindschi, Technical director and Swiss Demo Team director. Reit is the man with the responsibility of governing Swiss ski schools, a pretty big responsibility when you think just how many ski schools and ski teachers there are in Switzerland!

The inspection went very well and BASI was seen at its best with over 23 trainers working very professionally. This showed clearly and was remarked on by the 3 ISIA visitors.

The reassuring positive feedback from Reit was that our qualifying levels for membership of ISIA were met easily.  The ISIA membership is only granted at our Level 3.

BASI as members of ISIA, also attend other countries ski teacher courses to ensure that their levels are also at a high standard. This ‘Policing’ of each nation’s course ensures we are working at the right levels.

So, in summary, the BASI system more than exceeds the standards for membership of ISIA. We are one of the only Nations who have separate courses with a qualification awarded for separate disciplines seen here…


So, all go for BASI and its members for another year or two!

The course members Today…

The trainers for the week….


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