I’m a bit late in getting this down on the blog, been rather busy.  We went to BARCELONA 10 days ago. Since then I have been in a big fridge at Hemel Hempstead busy delivering a BASI level one exam, more on this later…But here is some news and pics from Spain, hope you enjoy!

Well, maybe nothing to do with skiing, but, what a great city Barcelona is! ….

Barcelona city view

With temperatures exceeding 37 deg c it was very steamy!  We were staying in aVilla high in the mountains above the city,  in a small village called Taganement.  A short, but very hot walk from the villa takes you into the hills of the national park with views of the city and coastline in the distance. Skiing is only 1 hour away in the mountains near Andorra.  Think this must be the place to be.   Hot evenings by the pool and great wine. What else do you need?….

Hot Villa evenings...

The ‘ramblas’ in the city has all the street artists and ‘mime’ artists staggered along it’s length. The food market is a must to visit, I have never seen such great fresh food all in one place..

'Chilli' in the Barcelona food market

The world cup final was on the same time, luckily we were well away back at the Villa whilst the event was on. The centre of Barcelona was preparing on the morning of the match, it looked like it was going to be a boozy beer night!

Counting the euros on the ramblas

If you get a chance to go, go as soon as you can, it’s great!  More pictures on ‘FLICKR’ opposite.

Thanks Mark and Julie for a great break!

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