How to get to Bariloche, Argentina…slowly.

Seems that the most cost effective way to get to Bariloche from the UK is with Air Europe via Madrid. This may be cost effective but not the easiest nor quickest!  Like all things which are seen as cheaper, it does not mean the best!!

Air Europe has some very good aircraft and has great cabin crew, but where it seems to fall apart is in the ‘customer care’ department! After delayed flights by them it meant I missed all my connection flights to Bariloche. So, they did eventually agree to put me up in both Madrid and Buenos Aires!

Like the great Chinese proverb ‘it is more important to enjoy the journey than it is to get there’ I did enjoy the travel even with the delays!

What a great country this is, Argentina. A population of over 37 million and 11 million live in Buenos Aires itself!  There is clearly, however, a huge gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s here.  Wealthy living alongside people in desperate poverty.  You can see this in Buenos Aires especially.

Having just arrived and only skied for one afternoon I do not have any great pictures of the area yet but hope to get some shortly when it manages to stop snowing! All the runs are complete and the whole mountain is skiable.  My BASI gap students are settled in here and are keen to get on with the course.

More to come soon!

[wpvideo On6EPTLw]


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  1. The gap between the haves and have nots in Argentina is very similar to Brixham. The wealthy live one side of horsepool street while in the barrios and Favellas of Polhearne lane life is cheap brutal and short.

    • Well yes, but the uprising in the Polhearne district is gathering speed and is soon to boil over. There may be some overspil of the violence into Dashpers and surrounding areas. The shanty Polhearne area has seen the light and with the guidance of the new leader..Cameroso Leaf, the residents are seeing a brighter future ahead!

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