A day off from Ski teaching!

Now, you can either sample the local bars untill 7am, or, sample the country of Argentina. On this occasion I decided on the latter! I’m so pleased I did!

This mountain is certainly an amazing sight. If you visit this country I strongly advise that this is a ‘must’ on your trip!  The road from our Hotel, Estancia del Carmen, just outside Bariloche to the junction of the Mount El Tronador turn is only about  20 k’s, however, the dirt track road which takes you on a mountain and lakes extraviganza is over 60 kilometers and takes 1.5 hours! make sure that you are happy on gravel tracks that’s all I can say!

During the trip we were lucky to visit some river falls which were were truly inspiring, showing the great power of water on the move! The river winds it’s way down and crosses the Andes and into Chile and eventually into the Pacific.  Just for your info…the border between Argentina and Chile runs along the peaks of the mountain range. The amazing colours of the river are a trade mark of this special mountain national park. Emerald green….it’s a shame that the pictures never really show it. Amazing too, bamboo grows prolifically here in Argentina!

Eventually we arrived at the foot of this great mountain, Tronador. Named as such (Thunder mountain) as the avalanches which are almost continuous, thunder down the valley into the glaciers below with the sound of,  well, thunder!.  My travelling companions were awe struck at it’s magnificence as was I.

Here are just a few shots and the rest I’ll get onto flickr as soon as time allows.

[wpvideo mt2ifJKC]

Joe, Devon, Rob & Alex…we just did not want to leave….

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  1. Wow, looks amazing, Alex! Did I already mention I’m jealous?

    People who were so hungover they stayed in bed all day certainly wasted an amazing opportunity!

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