BASI gap course interviews, part one.

There are 6 candidates here on the BASECAMP organised BASI Instructors course in Bariloche. Let me introduce you to the first two members of the group. Joe and Jess.

A quick intro from Joe..

‘My name is Joe, I’m 18 and live in Sherborne, Dorset (UK). I finished my A levels this year in Philosophy, English Literature and French and managed to get some half decent grades. My interests include Motorbikes, Literature, learning languages, culture, skateboarding, snowboarding and writing.I didn’t feel that university would have been a good move for me at the current time, having seen so little of the world and its wonders.

For this reason I decided to come to Argentina, having always wanted to get to South America and explore its culture, figuring that  San Carlos de Bariloche would be as good a starting point as any! Having skied the Alps with my family for a fair few years, I figured that ski instruction would be an ideal way to travel (another passion of mine) and work at the same time, doing something that I greatly enjoy.

Despite the course not having finished yet, I feel a definite improvement in my skiing thanks to Alex Leaf and his infallible skiing expertise. In all, I’d recommend skiing in Argentina and gaining your qualifications through BASI, which is a thorough and enjoyable method of doing so, assuring you quality instruction and the confidence to pass on all you have learned to people new to the skiing world. Coming to Argentina and immersing myself in its completely crazy way of life is something that I will never forget, and, I’m sure will prove to have changed me for the better!’
[wpvideo hMTSKO6r]
And from Jess….
I’m Jess from Lincolnshire UK. I am 22 years old and have taken a career break to do my BASI ski teaching qualifications. My job in the UK involves writing specifications for IT programmers, which sounds very boring, however I love the job!
Coming out to Argentina has been a great opportunity for me as I have been able to meet many people from different walks of life. It has been a great eye opener and I would love to continue with my travels and embrace other cultures. After two bouts of travelling you would think my wonderlust would have subsided however this doesnt seem to be the case!
I am looking forward to improving my skiing over the remainder of this trip and  can”t wait to get out in the European slopes to show all I have learnt.
N.B. You may have to listen carefully as the wind noise interferes somewhat! also wearing MY..Alex’s sunglasses, apologies for lack of  face!
[wpvideo C1j8sOYr]

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