Skiing in WHITE OUT and FLAT LIGHT conditions.

skiing in flat light

This is the dampener on any skiers day….when you cannot see far in front of you, when you can hardly make out the terrain just 2 metres ahead. You feel sick, you feel disorientated, you think you have stopped and then just fall over because you are still moving! This is when the cloud is so low that you cannot distinguish between sky and ground.

To cope with these conditions there are several pointers which will help you through the fog.

  • Ski much slower than normal….safety is paramount
  • If you are in an area which has very few markers, look for the edge of the piste and follow the piste markers from one to the other.
  • Always try to get into the lower areas where there may be some tree line skiing. The shadow of the trees gives more relief to the features on the snow and helps in your navigation.
  • Technique wise, ski in a wide stance, say, feet slightly wider than ‘hip width’ apart and slightly lower than you normally would.
  • Keep your posture balanced by ensuring your hands are kept out in front of you. Use rotary movements to keep the speed down and make sure you finish your turns off, i.e. skiing across they fall line and NOT just skiing from edge to edge. AVOID carving turns as this will take you too fast and into danger very quickly. Look ahead at all times and start to FEEL you skis underneath your feet.
  • Flat light and white outs require all your senses, Sounds, (Auditory) Vision (Visual) Feeling (Kinaesthetic)
  • A well balanced, centred skier will always win the day…

Whatever the weather….enjoy your skiing, a day on the mountain is better than a day in the office!


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