BUENOS AIRES Sunday 28th August 2011

Here I am again, did not think I would be back here within a year but here I am! Working on a BASI gap course with Peak Leaders. Along with my fellow travellers and trainers, Lee Townend and Duncan Adamson.

[wpvideo QziAxKzx]

Seems like getting here is always an adventure. To cut a long story short, our original flights would have taken us to Brazil then onward to Buenos Aires with a connection flight to Bariloche. Needless to say, this original booking was cancelled leaving the team to find alternative flights within 48 hours. We did it with BA! good flight and comfortable. The transfer flight to Bariloche however was another story….The flight was cancelled and re scheduled for the evening to Neuquén which is  a 6 hour bus ride from Bariloche! So, total travel time..37 hours…Seems to be the average time to get here!

To add insult, A local Volcano has erupted, infact it erupted in June and keeps spewing ash into the atmosphere, the ground here is covered in this sandy substance and gets into everything. This has had a major effect on the tourist industry here. With many flights being either cancelled or lengthy diversions from Buenos Aires leading to fewer skiers willing to travel here. The snow is not as good as normal with the volcanic ash interfering with the precipitation, more rain than snow has been falling apparently.

This looks like it is going to be quite a challenging month here with the BASI courses to get through and limited time to do it.

I’ll keep you posted!

Rio Platte Buenos Aires..


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  1. Hi Alex life’s just one big adventure, hope it gets better from now on, give my regards to all down there. Les

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