Half Way through the gap course in Argentina.

Today we have reached our half way stage on the BASI gap course with Peak Leaders.  All the students passed their level 1 last week and are now about to embark on the level 2. A week end off and some rest will get the troops ready!

Seen here are all the skiers, and inset pic my guys from last week, Callum, Grega, Doug, Ben, Ross, Sam, Ed, Alex, Tom & James. great bunch of enthusiastic skiers.

What a great job I have, aged 53, skiing in the Andes with some wonderful happy people, sometimes I have to pinch myself..!

We have had some varied weather conditions over the past two weeks and today was a very wet and windy one! This does not ‘dampen’ (excuse the pun!) our sprits for ensuring the students get the best from us. Take a look at the video and see firsthand the high winds on Condor 2 lift! today. This is completely opposite to the weather I experienced last September. Just scroll back to the blog last year September 2010 and see for yourself.


The Lift Company here do their best and the lift guys are always friendly and helpful, especially Cecilia, on the t bar, probably the prettiest T bar operator in the southern hemisphere!! I’m trying hard for my guys in the group to at least ask her out! It has only taken them 4 weeks to pluck up the courage! (I’ll ask her for a photo and post it later!)

It has been very hard for the businesses of Bariloche and the Cerro Catedral this winter, the Volcano and now the weather. I took the local bus ride into town yesterday, only 3 Pecos….44pence! It takes about 45 mins, however, it was school out time and the bus seemed to stop every 200 yards! Full of local mums, dads, kids and teenagers going somewhere, noisy, and bustling with activity. I was worn out by the time I got into town! So I decided to get a taxi home, infact a remiss, they are generally cheaper than taxis in that they only charge you for one way. Talking to the driver yesterday evening on my way back, he was a very gentle chap, you can tell that he is so proud of his home town here and the amazing countryside around about. Fishing is his sport and his gentle philosophy of ‘feeling the senses’ when he catches a 8 kilo trout and the special feeling he gets when he releases it back to nature. He is teaching his 4 year old son the gentle side of life and the art of good fishing, he said that he hoped his son will understand and grow up to appreciate all he has around here. He says that life has many changes, the volcano has changed everything locally and nothing in the world is ‘forever’ it is like a book with different chapters he says, all we need to do is be able to read them correctly… …What a great chap, a true philosopher…we might say..salt of the earth, and he drives his taxi every day in a stunning location…he knows it too.

Should have got a picture…Might meet him again one day.


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