Plastic fantastic, Kite surfing,   and a missing bottle of red..

Yesterday, September 10th, was a beautiful day. Sun and clear skies. As seen here by the beach hut picture. Today however is another story..It’s been raining since 3am heavily. As there is no skiing today, the accommodation is full of quiet gappies reading, downloading youtube videos and generally a bit bored


Another bus ride into the town again yesterday, again the bus full of loud chatty kids and teenagers on their way to the metropolis!  A short walk to the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi  I spy a chap  kite surfing, now, in Patagonia that’s wild! He was screaming back and forth on a blustery, cold day on the lake. It’s impressive with the Andes as a backdrop. Shame about the homeless plastic bottles and stuff. Poor plastic doll, her one arm seems to be asking for one answers.

The Cathedral in Baliloche is impressive, a grand building overlooking the Nahuel Huapi Lake. I could not get in, the door was locked, however I did spy a chap snoozing on the steps, and I wondered for a moment, was he waiting for God or just taking a morning nap? Needless to say, I thought better not to ask. You’ll see him on my flickr photos, (opposite) click on and browse the shots.


Interesting meal last night. We were advised by the local staff here at  El Retorno that the place for exceptional steaks at the best price was at LA FONDA DEL TIO restaurant. With its formica top tables and tomato ketchup it was not a tourist venue!. We were served with 4 enormous steaks which were so tasty. We worked out that you would probably pay more for the steak on its own in your local supermarket than we paid for the whole meal!  60 Pecos…that’s about £8.75.  Me Duncan, Lee and Simon enjoyed the big juicy steaks..yet again.

What was missing from the meal however was a bottle of Red…….We happened to pick the night that Bariloche has a night of NO ALCOHOL to be served, or sold in public places. From 8pm Saturday to 8pm Sunday, they refuse any alcoholic drinks to be served what so ever. It is to remember 4 people who were killed in a tragic road accident several years ago in the area; the accident was caused by drinking and driving. I think this is an amazing ‘community’ response to 4 –could be avoided-  deaths which certainly makes you think about the excesses of drinking. I wonder if this could be done in the UK?…  People here abide by the rules and the absence of alcohol for the day is accepted by all, no complaints.

Theres no doubt that all countries have drinking problems, but some seem to be more aware and prepared to do something positive about it.  So, water sin gaz, and coke were our drinks. That, certainly made us all think.

We returned home..sober..and had an early night, and my thoughts were of the accident victims and what a shame about the plastic… .


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