Condor moment…and ash….

Whilst out with my Level 2 here, Matt, Nick, Jess, Lucy, Katie, Tom, Luke, Hal, Graham and George.

Today the weather was fantastic with some amazing views over the Andes. We are lucky with the clear skies to see the Volcano in the distance still spewing the ash into the sky.

As we were going through our BASI Central Theme( This must be Tuesday!) we had a visit from a group of Condors. Swirling round the radio tower and teasing us for a photo! Shooting into the sun means less contrast but with some magnification here you can see the size of these birds. 2 settled on the rock near the ski slope, so, tomorrow, if they are there, we will be paying them a closer visit and hopefully get some good shots of them basking in the warm sunshine. It was very impressive today to see a snowboarder ride close by to one as the bird took off…it’s wing span was clearly at least twice the size of the snowboarder who was only about 6 feet away from him! These birds are truly gigantic!


What a great interlude whilst demonstrating the skiing central theme….



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