CHEWBACCA LIVES!….in Bariloche, and don’t use the diving board

What an amazingly bright clear day to have for  our last day off. Last night was one of the gap year students, Callum, 21st birthday party, seen here just before they went out in fancy dress…at  12.30 am?

Browsing around town today to get the touristy gifts and chocolate, it turned out to be a good day for photography.  The lake was smooth and calm with the water showing up as blue as it could be. Fills your senses when you see the world like that.  Again, the ash has another victim, the Bariloche municipal swimming pool. Seen here, the empty lifeguard chair says it all. NO DIVING AND NO BOMBING. Well, you could try but you would end up in hospital after hitting the ash at the shallow end! This will take some cleaning I’m sure.

Funny how dogs look like their owners. Well, if this one looks like it’s owner then my bet is on ‘Chewbacca’  from Star wars..I looked all over the place but he eluded me. Also nice to see that cafes have a GY FR  code?..looks like a WIFI sticker..ALL cafes should be friendly.

If you take all ok through the flickr photos you will see some images of the volcano in the background still spewing the ash out.  Billions of tons must be floating about in the atmosphere.  Where ever you go in the town and whichever shop or café you go in there will be a light covering of dust on all the goods. It must be a real nightmare for the shop keepers, continually dusting. I found an astonishing amount of shops which I had never seen before. There are a number of malls and one I found opened up into what felt like an auditorium. With all these goods I wonder if they will ever sell them all. One shop I walked into was quite sad, I had obviously been the only customer for hours, a small kiosk type,  run by a young girl and her mother. full of mens shirts and jeans all discounted. I almost bought something just to help them out! ..I didn’t..though.. I know how it feels having run our own shop for 10 years…It’s hard.   Even within the mall the dust was everywhere..

I fancied some fruit today, but then, I thought of the dust…..



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