Today, our last day on the hill with the students, is bittersweet. The decision has been made and some have passed the level 2 and some sadly not. It is always a hard job for the trainers. ALL the students have worked very hard for this and there is no doubt that they are keen and committed to working through the exams. There are 5 trainers working here, Lee Townend, Duncan Adamason, Simon Cooke, Rob Norton and me… 3 alpine and 2 snowboard. Thanks guys for making the month the best it can be…and next year? will you be back? I hope so.


Out of 30 alpine skiers 24   passed and are very happy indeed! From here we hope that they will use the new skills to work within the ski industry and meet many new friends along the way.  It is a fine way to bridge the gap from pure academics to a skill which involves real people skills and learning to empathise with our fellow human beings. Snowsports is a great leveller; it brings people from all aspects of life onto a common ground, perfect for ensuring good communication.


As trainers, we try very hard to ensure we deliver the goods in a professional way, we also do our best to get the most out of each student, and we want them ALL to pass. Sometimes this is not possible. The association is part of the ISIA and as such we have to abide by the International rules and standards and therefore we take real care on the assessments we make, the decisions are not taken lightly.

So, to all of the guys and girls who were on these courses, we wish you the very best of luck and a great future in whatever you do!

What a fantastic bunch of students! Positive, polite, engaging and enthusiastic.  It is good to see that our future will be in safe hands.

Again Argentina has been a memorable visit and dam those Condors, always tantalising close, yet not close enough for my camera…I’ll get you next time!

And just to finish… we are mentally exahusted, where are the Quilmes…..?!



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