Great to be working with the original team for our 20th anneversary, John Gardiner, Andrew Lockerbie and myself…it’s where it all started…!

Well here we are, back in Hintertux and what a week it is! The snow is in great condition. Seen here the group and some happy faces at the summit!

Sarah, new to the World Class experience says it all here……..

‘You’re no longer a virgin ….”

… said  Andy (Lockerbie) as I headed towards the bar, smiling, after my first day skiing with World Class Skiing (WCS) on Hintertux glacier.   There were 23 skiers at their Autumn Showcase and what made me unusual (well – what I want to admit to in print!) was that it was my first day skiing with WCS and my first day on the Hintertux Glacier, whilst about 20 of the group had skied here with WCS before.

Had I not met Alex skiing in Les Arcs in 2009  I would never have thought I was good enough to attend something with the words ‘World class’ and ‘skiing’ in the same sentence, but he said words the the effect that of course I was and that I would love it.

To be completely truthful I was quite nervous about coming – partly because no-one wants to be the skier who struggles to keep up and partly because everyone else may be fanatical skiers who talked about nothing else than the technical ins and outs of bits of kit or the last black run they’d conquered.  From the moment I met up with Alex and some of the group at Munich my nerves started to dissipate.  They seemed like minded, sporty people who loved being on the mountain on skis, but most importantly they had a sense of humour and knew how to laugh.

A little over 48 hours into my adventure my only regrets are that I didn’t find out about WCS years ago…. and that I have to be back at work next week so can’t stay for the second week!

Well there you go! Thank you Sarah!

The group today….

20 years later and it only seems that it was yesterday when we first brought our happy skiers to the glacier…time waits for no man they say. We all wonder how time flies and events like this bring it all in to vision very quickly. as the taxi drive said in Bariloche last month, in one of my older blogs,  ‘life has many chapters and we need to read them properly in order to understand what life throws at us’..Profound words from a very down to earth chap in Andes…..So on that note.

Keep your eyes peeled for some great news about the World Class Skiing adventure to South America…published here very soon!



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