Our 20th anniversary welcome from the Mayor.

To celebrate our 20th year we were invited to the new Tux Centre in Lanersbach to have an evening with the mayor.

Out of the group 4 celebrated their 10 years of visits, Darrell Jennings, Dorothy Hayle, Mike Rigby and Alun Hughes seen below with a presentation from the Mayor of a book of the area.


For their 20 years, Ian Devereux, Marianne Devereux, Simon Garner, Mary Mcmichael, Andrew Lockerbie, John Gardiner and myself…seen here with a framed certificate!

It’s so refreshing to see such a positive and young Mayor of the area, no gold chains or expensive jaguars to drive him around here, more than I can say of some towns I can think of in the UK…I wonder if the tourist area of my home town in Torbay can get a lesson from this. Just for interest, the small area of TUX sells over a million bed nights here every year…not bad for a small area in Austria. Torbay..get a grip..


Just to finish off….Met my ski hero today..Mr Glen Plake…who knows, maybe he will make a guest appearance with us…more news on that later..? Thank you Sarah for the picture!


So as we finish the first week in Tux, thank you folks for another memorable time….

I wonder who will be at the next 20 years celebrations?!


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