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I have been looking for a good compact digital camera for some while now as my SLR camera is great; however, it is a bit of a task carrying it about, especially when I’m working on the mountain every day.

After talking to a fellow ski teacher and my nephew (incidentally is heavily into photography!) I went for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20 camera.

The images are superb and the 14 mega pixels combined with the quality Leica lens make this little gem a quality product.

In the past I shunned the auto programmes on compact cameras and went for the manual settings on my slr where I thought I would have more do of course. However, the programmable settings on the Panasonic are superb. You have a variety of scene settings which allow you to change from various light modes in an instant. Of course, with my requirements the snow setting needed to be good, it certainly is. There are I know, many other auto settings on other compacts but I have not found any as good as this.

As you can see here, the Panasonic DMC-TZ20 image quality is outstanding for a small compact digital camera. I will update more images on the gallery section when I get more. It has a fantastic 16* optical zoom and coupled with a further 21* intelligent digital zoom you have a good range to work with. The wide angle of 24mm gives you the facility to embrace big mountain vistas!

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To add to the range of functions, the rapid auto focus multiple shots is brilliant for action ski shots. If you need more it will take up to 60 shots per second! Not auto focus though. Using this mode eats up your memory however..

If you have a 3d TV, then you can also click to the 3d mode on the camera and hey presto! You have 3d pictures!

A touch screen mode helps you navigate through your images quickly and makes life a doddle.

You do of course have a fully functioning manual mode if you need to make some creative pictures….if you have time when you are busy capturing the next action shot!

The HD video mode is superb and I will be using this at the next opportunity to gather some product reviews or client interviews..

The extarodinary thing, is that it has a GPS module built in!. Fantastic for identifying your location when you get home. I think it’s best if you are an oil explorer or a modern Indiana Jones, looking for the lost arc!

All in all, this is a great little package, the DMC-TZ20 is versatile and small enough to take anywhere. I only wish I had this when I was in Argentina…..Lee Townend, thanks for your advice, this is a great product, £219.00 well spent at Heathrow!

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