The Salomon 24hr TI 2 skis.

A superb pair of skis for piste work and they have tremendous grip. Not a race ski but on its way there! They have a well balanced feel and as they are wood core are very lively and responsive.

The TI 2 model here I have found to be great on short radius turns, however, are equally at home if you feel the need for some extra speed on long radius. The 162 cm skis I have give a turn radius of 13 metres which is ideal for general use.

If you are a more advanced skier and are out from dawn to dusk on the piste then these fit the bill exactly due to the powerline active dampening system.  They are forgiving yet when you need the performance they are there ready to respond.

  • Wood core construction
  • 162 cm length=13m radius
  • Powerline active dampening system

They are called ‘24hour’  and I recon you could ski them for 24hrs nonstop and still feel good!






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