Ski Teaching and recharging your senses!
My last episode of working with my colleagues in the  New Generation Ski School in Vallandry on the ski Paradiski area has been very enjoyable. Working with John Thomas, John Arnold, Ali Brown and Angus Wood. The skiing here is outstanding.
Perfect conditions and great people to share the magnificent mountains.
Seen here a group of people who had a smile on their faces from the start of the week to the end! It doesn’t have to be amazing action shots, snow flying, big air or high speed action to make a great ski experience, this is where skiing for all is at, enjoying great runs and simple turns, thank you folks for a fun week. You, are what this profession of ski teaching is all about.

Skiing not only has the function of making you feel good but it also seems to re engage your senses and recharge your batteries ready for dealing with what life may throw at you. The feeling of movement and the pleasure of creating arcs in the snow along with balancing all of nature’s forces seems to give people a real sense of achievement.

Perhaps it is the ability to slide and have the occasional ‘gravity defying’ sensation which makes us feel so good with this sport.

Amy, seen in the top picture second from left, is going through the BASI ski teaching system and as such she has been shadowing lessons this week to gain important hours ready for the next step. she was a great asset to me this week and helped develop some individuals in the group. The BASI ski teaching system in action…it works! Thanks Amy…

It is truly a pleasure teaching skiing, I think it must be that we enjoy the fact that we ‘give’ ourselves and the knowledge to people who are keen to learn. If you cannot give, then you will not make a ski teacher, that’s my philosophy! True, we are paid to do the job but the art of giving of oneself to assit others is vital to teaching and I’m sure I say that for the rest of the team here.

So my friends, I hope  to see you skiing again sometime soon. Just make sure you get out on the mountains and re charge those senses!


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