At last an internet connection!

So far just the odd posting on Facebook and the very intermittent tweet…..not enough to show the splendour.

The skiing keeps getting better here in Bariloche. The sun is out and it’s just amazing, views, snow and the company.




Day 4 and the adventure is well under way with plenty of fine weather and great conditions. Apparently the area has suffered some pretty bad weather of late and now the sun is out everyone seems to be basking in the fine conditions.

As we have a private transfer every day from the centre of Bariloche to Cerro Catedral and all the skiing, the driver, Silvio, has kindly offered to show us the beautiful surroundings of Lau Lau and the magnificent views. I remember taking my hire car around this area several years ago and it left an amazing in print in my memory of the breathtaking views of the lake. It is said that this view, seen here later in the blog, is one of the National Geographic most wonderful views in the world! Now that’s worth seeing.


In contrast to our free ski week and our ‘ what time for coffee’ attitude, the BASI trainers working here for BASI and PEAK LEADERS running the gap course for ski teachers, Lesley and Mike, have a full month of training to do and are doing so in the BASI professional way.  We chatted about just what an amazing thing skiing has done for us all, enabling us to visit the most fantastic countries in the world, we are lucky…..



Jenny and Dianne basking in the Patagonian sunlight….with Patagonia jackets! quite fitting don’t you think?


Mick taking it all in..


Tony with the most magnificent view as the backdrop…

It seems that with our Argentinian adventure that we do not have enough time to see everything, but we are giving it a good go, so much to see and so little time to see it.


Lesley me and Mike, the hard working ones are in a blue suit…..

Departing tomorrow for Villa Angostura, we will have the next 2 days relaxing and a possible day trip to Chile, with a stamp in the passport to prove.

Here below we have ‘TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM’ they are the guardians of the lake…looking north, they must be waiting…for something.

guardions-of-the-lake DSC_0024

Empty pool, empty life guard…..dont jump its concrete! !


Its been an interesting time here in Bariloche, my last visits have mainly been alone and I have managed to see the other side of the city, and I have already written about this in past blogs, 2010!

Mick, Dianne, Jenny and Tony, are certainly getting the most out of South America, they make a superb travelling team with great evening conversations and daytime snow fun its certainly a trip to remember!

Its time to pack and move on, onto Villa Angostura, the question on every ones mind… this the birthplace of the bitters? Lets find out.

And finally me, the poser…




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