After many months planning our Adventure finally closes on September 14 after 17 days of new experiences. It has been a whirlwind tour of Argentina and a quick hop into Chile. Taking in the vast expanse of the country from one end to the other. The visit to the 2015 INTERSKI was the ultimate excursion in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the World…Tierra Del Fuego.

With Tony, Jenny, Dianne and Mick we toured the country and we would like to think we have seen most of it, the truth is, we have only scratched the surface.


Buenos Aires is quite a city, vibrant, alive and a city of diverse attitudes and viewpoints. As I have previously written our visit to the cemetery was a highlight. A cemetery? Well, its like nothing you have ever been to, its magnificent. Of course the EVA PERON mausoleum was a must.

Bariloche was our main point of interest with a few days staying in Villa Angostura, just 100 km away. Angostura is only 40 minutes from the Chilean border, however, it did take us almost 3 hours just to cross it, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork and the obligatory stamps caused a backlog at the border. I was expecting it….

After the long wait at the border we only had time for a quick drive down the valley to a fantastic restaurant on the lake shore. The restaurant is brand new and the food was simply remarkable. You would pay top dollar in the UK for that. ..Not so top Dollar in Chile, $30 each..just amazing.


The accommodation we logged at in Angostura was equally amazing, beautiful views over the Andes and with a swimming pool you could not keep away from….this was quite possibly the most relaxing place I have ever stayed at…beats top notch expensive mainstream hotels for sure.

Only 3 days there and we were off to Ushuaia, 2 flights to get us there, it took us 3 hours, just goes to show you how large the country is.



Ushuaia was once used as a prison, if you were sent here, you must have been in trouble, its so cold, windswept and isolated that escape would have been almost impossible. Those days have gone now and the city relies on tourism and an electronic manufacturing industry to generate its income. Nestled in the Beagle Channel Ushuaia is a stopping off port for those not wanting to negotiate Cape Horn and the worlds worst seas.

We were not thre for the sailing however, we were there to visit the 2015 INTERSKI congress and view the worlds top ski teachers performances in high speed accurate synchro demonstrations.

Each Nation belonging to ISIA  International Ski Instructors Association heads to the congress every 4 years. Its a show case of each nation and what they have to offer the snowsports Industry. For our association, BASI, its a fantastic networking opportunity to establish good relationships with countries who will accept our qualification and so offer our members work world wide.

No trip to Ushuaia would be complete without a 3 hour boat trip in the Beagle channel to view the wild life and the splendours of the waterways. There are many small islands in the channel and many are occupied by Sea Lions and seals, this was a trip of a lifetime. Only issue is, if the boat is down wind of the Seal inhabited islands, the whiff from the seal community was pretty….fishy, to say the least!

Once completed it was time to head back to base and pack for our return the following day. A night in Buenos Aires again followed by a 14 hour flight home…….enough time for me to write this blog….

Ho yes, the hat intro, After me hanging onto a hat I was given by the Australian Demo Team in Japan in the 1995 Interski, I finally managed to return it to its rightful owner, Tina! And what a shock, Tina was the one who gave it to me in the first place!

The ROJO hat gets to go home last. Look after it Tina!

With over 1000 pictures, let the few here tell the story..


Superb skiing from the BASI team.



The Team, enjoying the views in Bariloche….the Obligatory ‘SELFIE’ !


Even the vintage skiers were out in Ushuaia..


This is one way to sell your logs….I want a truck like that…much better than a new L200….


Mick proud to show off the view!



The Ushuaia local graffiti, more like great art…


Argentina is soon to have a major vote for the new leader….lots of runners for the position. It all happens in October.


Here we are en-route to Villa Angostura.. the views are amazing all the way.


From skiing thigh deep powder in the morning, to this in the afternoon….AYE AYE Captain!



Jaz Lamb, our Trainers  Director and Demo team guru…


Crossing the line to Chile.

Typical Ushuaia street.


More great skiing…

Happy faces..

Im sure this chap is quite fed up with the crazy visitors..


And in Bariloche, we met up with BASI Trainers, Lesley and Mike, working hard for a month running the gap course..


And me, and a Quilmes….my favourite beer…


Finally, my hat goes home. I swapped it for my BASI hat at the 19195 Interski in JAPAN. It was the last thing I picked up before I left home, hoping I could get it back to its owner…and quite amazingly, I did! By chance, Tina who gave me the hat was the one I handed it back to…20 years later. Maybe one day it might end back with me in Brixham….in another 20 years time..most travelled Interski hat…ever..Look after it Tina!



So, to finish off, this is our next destination.. Will you join us?…CHILE..Skiing on the doorstep from this picture…gourmet meals and accommodation to write home about..See you there!




And the end bit.. well, Ushuaia is at the end of the world as we know it..but I feel fine………!




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