Not that this is an awe inspiring, flashy, trendy or ‘isn’t the snow fantastic’ post, Its a rather sensible look at how to avoid the card and bank charges when dealing with foreign currency.

Recently our good friends at Impulse Racing steered us towards CAXTON-fx it’s a debit card, and more, for dealing efficiently with international transactions. Basically when you use your card abroad, your bank will charge you for the transaction, even your debit card, and then take a % of the transaction to add insult ! Add up these charges over the year and you will be amazed at just how it adds up. We at World Class Skiing are, by nature of the business, paying hotels, lift companies and expenses whilst abroad. So, now having the CAXTON-fx  account we have managed to save our business a considerable amount on bank charges, in just 3 months.

Of course, you do not need a business to have a Caxton-fx card, take out a personal one.  Simply top up, when the rate is at its best, and then spend with your card abroad with no extra fees! We are lucky that we even have a designated account manager who will contact us when our preferred currency is in our favor, we can then ‘fix’ an amount at the agreed rate and use the cash when we need it!

To find out more and sign up if you wish, simply visit our bespoke World Class Skiing CAXTON-fx page by clicking the link on the right hand side below our events posts.!


Do it, we did and it has saved us lots!

Thanks Impulse Racing!



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