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How to improve your ski performance…with a pair of POINT 6 SOCKS..!

Its been some time since Christmas, and with great skiing since then I thought I would write a little piece about my Christmas Pressie….a pair of Socks…

A good old time honored gift its what your mother would always put into your Christmas sack if there was nothing else she could think of. Well, my new pair of socks are awesome!

POINT 6 SOCKS Ski Light.

Light terry loop cushioning in the shin and under the foot offers fantastic comfort and warmth. This is the most versatile weight of ski sock- not too thick, not too thin.

Wool 62% Spandex 2% Nylon 36%

I’ve worn some socks in my time, but, these are quite definitely the most comfortable and warm socks I’ve ever had! Good cusioning and just the right amount of paddding in the right places. Gives a good feel in the boot. It also makes you ski better!

If you haven’t got a pair yet, bag some soon, they are just superb! I don’t often rave about my socks, but these have fired me up to shout about them.

As for the Coffee? well, you will need to find out on the next blog just how good coffee can taste on the side of a mountain…whilst wearing my socks, of course.

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