What an amazing week. Instead of just dashing about on the piste, we spent a terrific week exploring the outback of this lovely region.

Our first venture into the delights of ski touring and all done within easy reach of the resorts and their facilities.  Staying at Apartment Strimms in Zauchensee and the chalet next door, our week was packed with new experiences for all.

We set up the week for people who had very little or no experience in the discipline of ski touring. Learning new skills such as transceiver searches, how to apply skins to the skis and kick turns with your heels free! That’s fun…

Martin Helen, Steve, Belinda and Simon were our great team on this fun packed week. All ready for trying out the new skill. Its safe to say we are all HOOKED now, looking for our next mini ski tour.

The weather was absolutely fantastic, the snow was great on the piste and the off piste was challenging but then, that’s part of going off piste!

First day was spent learning that skiing off piste is not all about creating lovely arcs in deep powder, sometimes there is no powder, so learning new skills such as coping with heavy conditions and how to get up from a fall in deep snow..as sometimes when you walk into a hole next to a tree…that’s funny…sorry Belinda and Helen…but then, I seem to remember Martin also had an argument with the front of his skis….shame those heels kept moving out Martin! Video to follow on FB?

Day two, get to know your equipment… A morning learning about, skins, probes, transceivers, shovels, maps and altimeters..Ho, and how to stick together as a group, this is team work. Following our equipment intro we went on an easy walk through the off piste. After a few hours it soon became a late lunch and a ski back to the apartment…a beer on the way though of course!

The rest of the week was taken up with some easy tours and a day of piste skiing to search out the area. 6 full days of beginners touring needs to be split up we felt. Our finale was a tour around a mountain to bring us back to the piste and end of a great day.  Funny how we seemed to always end up in the apre ski bar.. I wonder why? Eating out was great too, we can sample all the little local restaurants, not that there are many in Zauchensee but, a trip down to Altenmarkt was a must one evening.  We were very well looked after by Karen and Nigel Thompson from Appartment Strimms. Nigel ensured that the local ski hire shop helped us arrange the correct gear. Touring skis, bindings, skins and boots for a week for 89 euros? that’s a crazy deal! Nigel has been in the area for a good few years and knows the surrrounding area like the back of his hand! We have already booked next year, and a kit list will follow for those who are interested.

What seems to be clear is that this week made a real team bond with everyone, its not just about how fast we could get around, it was about how we worked together. That’s teamwork.

Each day we needed to be clear on any avalanche risks and make sure we avoided any dangerous areas so after our morning coffee and discussion on the route, off we went for an adventure!

Freedom…Away from the mad pistes..

Now that’s touring…












Lunch in the sun!..So join us next year 2018 and find out just what skiing is all about…Its not just how you make a turn..just GET OUT THERE!

Thanks to;  MARTIN – HELEN – STEVE – BELINDA – SIMON for making this one of the best ever World Class Skiing adventures!

P.S. Fancy trying this in the Andes?

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