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WCS has visited Stubai this year after many years absence. Our May ski performance week was a great success with the added bonus of so few people skiing the glacier! Some days it seemed like we were the only people on the mountain, it was exceptional.!

We departed on 20th May and had 6 full days skiing and to return to the UK on the 27th.

The Glacier

There are so many pistes on the Stubai Glacier it appears like a true winter resort with so many different aspects available to us. The new lift was closed however for maintenance so there were a few runs which we did not ski but I am sure we will next year!

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The Snow

Terrific conditions and to add to the excitement we had a fall of snow on the Wednesday evening meaning that on the Thursday morning we had some fresh snow to ski which stayed in good condition until about midday. Overall the snow remained skiable up to about 2 .30 and our last runs down were around 3 pm so plenty of skiable time on the slopes. No ice to be seen!

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Spectacular views from the hotel.


The Hotel

We stayed at the Hotel Gastiegerhof, just 15 minutes from the Glacier, our Hotel owners bused us up to the glacier every morning which was a real bonus! The regular bus however, departed just 3 minutes away from the Hotel every 20 mins or so. We used this public bus to return each afternoon and upon arrival at the hotel we could enjoy the great spread of tea, coffee and of course CAKES! There is also some very enjoyable beer stops on the route home, if a beer rather than tea and cakes is your ‘bag’!

The Valley

A very pretty and breathtaking valley with waterfalls and walkways all around. We did have the intention of taking some time each afternoon to go on a few walks, however, after a full day skiing the swimming pool and sauna in the Hotel were a more relaxing bet !

With easy access to both Innsbruck Airport and Munich the transfer times are very acceptable. Only 45 mins to Innsbruck and 2.5 hours to Munich. The regular bus for the valley also goes straight into Innsbruck should you want to take some time out from skiing.

During the week we worked on individuals ski preferences, from short turns to skiing the variables! A perfect week for improving skills for BASI /IASI courses along with skiing for personal performance.

As there are so many different aspects to ski on the glacier we had ample opportunity to sneak out the best snow for the skills and drills we wanted to work on. A perfect piste for ’round robin’ skiing was discovered if you felt like practicing long radius turns for example, Me, the coach! would place mayself strategically where I could see individuals skiing down and then give feedback and set new goals for the next run down. This gives so much ski time and less of standing about talking about it! We are there for the skiing remember…

So to sum up, the Skiing is fantastic, the weather was fantastic, the hotel was fantastic, the food was fantastic and of course the company was fantastic…Simon, Alison, Tim, Belinda, Linda, Cathy, Graham, Tracy..thank you team for making the WCS STUBAI course a great success! We will be back…next May.


Ho, yes, Fly Clapping….best you ask the Master…Tim, he is the world champion at ‘FLY CLAPPING’

See you next year!

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