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We have just set up our dedicated ‘World Class Skiing page’  page on facebook. It is now linked to this blog and with some ‘jiggery pokery’ we will be able to update it all! …wonders of modern technology! 

I have noted that there has een an outstanding amount of interest in the HEAD skis post, re; the KERS technology in the latest range of skis. I wll be able to post some pictures and reviews of next years models from HEAD soon. Stay posted, or better still sign up for this blogs latest updates!  Regards, Alex


I have just arrived in Verbier for the BASI level 2 course. Staying in a grea Chalet.. Met my 10 keen students thisevening.  I’ll be on the mountain tomorrow on my new HEAD sl skis. There are 7 courses running over the next 2 weeks. The BASI courses are popular! Weather is fine and the snow looks fantastic.


Head Super Shape Magnum skis. 2011

Head have introduced an electrical dampening system into the skis for 2011, ‘KERS’  Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Umm, K2 did this in the mid 90’s with their ‘PIZIEO’ technology on the K2 FOUR and other model carve skis,   I must say that I recon it worked, much to my colleagues who thought that as I was sponsored by them at the time I would say that!  The system works by exchanging vibration into energy which produces electrical impulses, thus transforming vibration into energy which is dissapated either into the ski or by turning a light on! Imagine, if we all skied on these, we could boil a kettle and save the planet!

Head have taken that technology further and with new advancements in this field will be even more effective now.  I ski on a pair of this years HEAD SUPER SHAPE MAGNUMS and I find them just fantastic. I ski all day everyday, teaching and enjoying some work with training ski teachers and the skis do it all effortlessly. Geat for short radius with a real ‘kick’ at the end of the turn, yet also very stable at high speeds in longer radius.  As well as my HEADS, I have two pairs of  White Dot freeride skis and they too are tremendous in variable conditions.

The Magnums grip so well on hard pack and are very forgiving on the ‘off piste’  A truly versitile ski. New for HEAD next year also will be the SUPERSHAPE TITAN skis.  Possibly a stable mate of the MAGNUMS. Not sure which I will use next year?

To order for next year or find out where to get some. email

Interski BASI gap Pila

INTERSKI BASI gap course in Pila, Italy.

BASI GAP, Pila with Interski

Interski, a well established ski tour operator based in the Aosta Valley, has provided a great deal for the gap students. The gap ‘fee’ includes all accommodation, training, and includes food on the mountain! It is truly a superb offer.

The first week has started well and with only 4 guys on the course is more like a private two week coaching session!

The students have had some high quality training from BASI trainer Andi Mcann and also from James Crompton, resort training manager. With this sort of high level training before the 2 week assessment it ensures that all are very well prepared for the level 2 course.  It certainly shows when we work as a group on the mountain compared to less expirienced skiers.

The mid weekend, is taken up with the essential ‘first aid’ course and as I write the guys are on their first morning of this two day training.

Late afternoon in AOSTA

I’m just off now to have a well earned day off, checking out the old town of Aosta, (coffee, coffee shop shop!) I will post more pictures later today.

The advantages of a larger town as a ski resort!

Update whilst having cffee at Geneva airport!…After 2 weeks of training for the final part of the BASI level 2, all four candidates passed, great results as the pre course training and commitment paid off. Well done, Andy, Merlin, Chris and Luke. I’m sure your skiing career will reward you with some great times and I’m certain our paths will meet again, the skiing world is smaller than you think!

My next BASI level 2 will be in Verbier, so keep an eye on this blog. Just off now to teach in Vallandry for the busy half term week, then home for a well deserved rest…well I think so anyway!  Alex

Ski Instructors day off

What do ski teachers do on a day off? Seen here, John Thomas with trusty chainsaw!

John T with chainsaw

Whilst staying at my good friends John & Carolyn Thomas’s place in Belentre, the order of the day  is to don an old jacket, whistle ‘I’m a lumberjack’ and cut up a pile of wood with a chain saw and axe! It’s so cold here that the wood burner needs feeding!

Several weeks supply was cut this afternoon.  Good to do some practical work between ski courses.
Off to Pila, Italy, tomorrow ! 

Thanks for the stay John, see you again soon!

BASI e news. regarding Pre course training

BASI e news links. for;      

If you have arrived here by a link sent via the BASI e news, you have found the right spot!
Currently our main site is hosted by ‘hosting uk’ and they have had serious problems with their server.

HOWEVER, as of 30th Jan the site is back online. so click the link above to visit our home page, or take a look below.

To find out more about the pre course training;

just scroll down this page and you will see all the information you will need on this blog.

Feel free to e mail me,  for more information.  I am in La Plagne this week and then to Pila to take a level two for two weeks from Sunday 31st Jan.
There is some great skiing out here right now freezing temperatures mean some fantastic ‘grippy’ pistes!

Ski New Generation B.A.S.I. GAP course


BASI (BRITISH ASSOCIATION of SNOWSPORTS INSTRUCTORS) Gap course with Ski New Generation Courchevel – January 2010


New Gen GAP course Corchevel 2010What a superb week! Ski New Gen, a B.A.S.I. European Business Partner, have organised this gap course for students working towards the B.A.S.I. Level 2 qualification this season. With the popularity of the B.A.S.I. courses gaining strength, this means that more and more people are looking at this avenue for career development. 

A BASI pathway would look something like this.

LEVEL 1 (Teaching in controlled environments)
ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association)
ISTD (International Ski Teacher Diploma)

Note, there are  many other modules alongside these qualifications, i.e. first aid, shadow teaching hours etc.  Best to visit the BASI web site and located in the ‘blog roll’ (in the RHS nav bar here) and see for yourself the latest requirments on this.

The Trainers on the Ski New Generation BASI GAP Course were;

Les Ward
Tess Swallow
Zoe Cambell
Me..Alex Leaf

Les Ward Senior! BASI Trainer

Les Ward Senior BASI Trainer!

With the pressure on from the first day, we  were expecting to get the best from the students. We all want the candidates to pass and fulfill their hopes and ambitions. With this in mind, we delivered many hours of coaching to allow them to adapt and change their skiing; becoming more effective and dynamic. If you guys are reading this..we hope that you continue the improvement over the comming 8 weeks!  It takes commitment from skiers to get through the gap course. I’m sure that you will all work hard and pull it off! Don’t let us down!

The BASI qualification is very well recognised throughout the world and is extremely thorough. As Trainers, we pride ourselves on delivering the goods to all students and enjoy seeing people work through the system.

 Courchevel has some fantastic terrain for this kind of course and is a great area for teaching with many varied runs for all abilities.  Access from Le Praz is easy to all of the areas around Courchevel, and has the benefit of easy access to the valley where all tranfers to airports is made efficient via the train and bus services.

Tess Swallow

Tess BASI Trainer

My group, Alex, Hugo, Liz, Tom George, Charlie, Michael, Tatiana, Olivia, Ben and Me!

A great group, full of enthusiasim and with a positive outlook. You will all do great things in skiing I’m sure! Just make sure you get the Level 2 in 6 weeks time……

Good luck!

Hotronic ski Boot heaters


Ski Boot heater kit

‘Hotronic’ ski boot heaters do keep your feet warm. Well they actually keep a baseline temperature under your toes more to the point!.

If like me, you tend not to read the instructions until after you have put the ‘thing’ together, then you will know that sometimes this method does not actually work!

So, I figured that I needed to get this installation of the Hotronic boot heaters right. After reading  the general fitting ideas I went about ‘butchering’ a new pair of Conformable insoles to accommodate the heat pad supplied.  I think that I have installed the heat pad a little too far back on the insole. The instructions state that they should be just under the toes, I have them just slightly back and this does not work very well. I am now sorting that issue out ,so I will know better after I have ‘hacked’ them about a bit!

The instructions also say that the heaters are best when the boots, and your feet, are at a warm temperature before you go out and turn the heaters on. This is absolutely right! get the boots cosy and warm first and then turn the heaters on when all is warm. You will find that the heaters will work more effectively.

I do not know why I have never had these before, over 30 years of ski teaching and I have waited till now? I must have been mad!

If anyone reading this has any comments on other models and any adjustments they have made to their own, then let me know.

I will be getting this product up onto the WCS web site soon, but of course, there are many places you can get these on the web.

flybe exeter to geneva

Quick flight from my ‘local’ to Geneva with Flybe.   The check in and flight were great. A truly easy service from our local airport.

I am working in Vallandry, near Les Arcs for a week so the transfer to Aime from the airport was easy using te bus service. At 58 euros one way is a littile on the steep side though.

The roads were so busy and mainly with us Brits returning home from the seasons holidays. 

Vallandry, is a very pretty French ski resort with some fantastic skiing and great access to both La Plagne and Les Arcs. As for teaching here, it has some varied terrain for all abilities of skiers. From beginners to advanced off piste hounds. I will get some pictures of the area up on this blog as soon as I get some!

Only got a week here but back again in a month!

I’m going to test out the ‘Hot Tronic’ boot heaters I fitted last week so I will let you know how they work once I’ve used them tomorrow!

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