Take a look at the site. Pay particular attention to your own ski ability (see the ‘SKI ABILITY’ grid) and think about what you are looking for in a course. Give us a call – we are happy to discuss all the possibilities

Download and complete a booking form .

Read our Terms and  Conditions.
A £50 non-refundable deposit is required with each booking. (Unless you are booking within 8 weeks of the course start date, where you will be asked to pay the full amount.)

 How To Pay

Send your completed form and deposit cheque (or full payment if within 8 weeks of departure) to:

World Class Skiing
Polhearne Lane



You will receive confirmation of your booking, within 7 days, together with any additional information.

If you have paid a deposit only, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance 8 weeks prior to the course start date. Any cancellations at this point or at any further point prior to departure are subject to our Refund Policy as highlighted in the Terms and Conditions.

Please read our’TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS’ to ensure a clear understanding of the details.